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Towards Freedom and Peace in Lebanon

Declaration #3

March 11, 2005 --

Fellow Lebanese,

Whereas in our previous declarations we have:
1) Demanded a thorough investigation to reveal the powers behind former PM Al-Hariri assassination
2) Called for the accountability of all Lebanese officials in charge of security and peace on February 14, 2005
3) Welcomed the resignation of PM Karami and his cabinet
4) Reiterated our demands for a complete and immediate withdrawal of the Syrian troops, intelligence agents and security forces from Lebanon,

And in light of the redeployment of Syrian troops in Lebanon and the re-nomination of Mr. Karami to head a new government in Lebanon,

We reaffirm our previous declarations, acknowledge and demand the following:
1) The need for an INDEPENDENT INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION to reveal the culprits in Al-Hariri assassination and the accountability of all Lebanese officials in charge of security and peace on February 14, 2005, REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME OF INVESTIGATION.

2) The need for an immediate and COMPLETE withdrawal of ALL Syrian troops, intelligence agents and security forces from Lebanon into Syria.

3) An expansion of the mission of the UNIFIL to cover the Lebanese-Syrian borders.

4) We salute all the Lebanese people who continue to express themselves in peaceful demonstrations under the Lebanese flag; we affirm to all, that the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon are a non-negotiable ceiling and the unifying theme under which all Lebanese must come together and operate.

5) The coming together of all Lebanese around the resistance movement, under international law, ended the Israeli occupation of Lebanon in 2000. Today, we call upon all Lebanese to come together once again around the independence movement, and under international law, to end the Syrian dominion.

6) We call upon the Syrian establishment in Syria and Lebanon to fully comply with international law and release its grip on the political life in Lebanon.

7) After decades of controversial Syrian military presence and interference in Lebanese affairs, it is essential that all Lebanese work together and diligently put an end to the political, military and security residues of the Syrian dominion and its impact on life in Lebanon. We call on them to negate all form of foreign interference in internal Lebanese affairs.

8) We believe that a neutral, secular and democratic Lebanon, in peaceful coexistence with its neighbors, is a guarantee for its viability as a sovereign state and a final nation for its citizens of all sects and creeds.


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