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Boundary Delimitation in Lebanon

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Electoral Framework
BD01. Are constituencies delimited for election purposes?

a. Yes


BD02. The authority responsible for final approval of the constituency boundaries is:

a. The legislature (national/subnational)

comments: The Electoral Law is passed and approved by the parliament.

BD03. On what criteria are the boundaries drawn?

d. Conformity with local jurisdiction boundaries

f. Communities of interest/cultural concerns

g. Other

comments: g.) religious concerns.

BD04. If population is a criterion, which population figure is used?

g. Not applicable


BD05. The body responsible for drawing the boundaries is:

d. Electoral management body

e. A government department or agency


BD06. What statistical or other reasons trigger the redrawing of electoral constituency boundaries?

h. Change in government

k. Boundaries redrawn every____period of years

l. Other

comments: Boundaries are redrawn every four years for communities, confessional and political interests to affect results.

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