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Vote Counting in Lebanon

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VC01. What are the characteristics of ballots used at national legislative elections (Chamber 1)?

c. Write-in ballot

comments: Candidates and parties may distribute their own ballots with their own candidates, but the official ballot is a write-in ballot.

VC02. What are the characteristics of ballots used at national legislative elections (Chamber 2)?

s. Not applicable


VC03. What are the characteristics of ballots used at presidential elections?

c. Write-in ballot

comments: For deputies in parliament, secret balloting.

VC04. Following the close of the voting, where are the votes first sorted and counted?

a. At the polling stations

comments: And results are posted outside the polling station.

VC05. What procedures are used in the initial count?

b. Preliminary count of all ballots in ballot box

c. Tally of voters who voted

d. Number of ballots in box reconciled against number of voters

f. Each ballot paper held up for public scrutiny, with name of party/candidate called out loud

p. Copies of results of the count are publicly posted at the counting site immediately on the completion of the count

r. Observers and party agents are permitted to take their own copies of the results

t. Other

comments: - The votes obtained by each candidate are recorded on the votes count sheet in two copies under the supervision of the voters or the candidates or their delegates. - The polling station's president and all the members should sign the documents. - After declaring the results as stated in the foregoing, the documents and envelopes will all be burnt except the ones that should be attached to the report. - When the temporary result of the voting in the polling station is declared, the polling station's president draws a report of the operations in two copies signed on each by all the polling station members.

VC06. Following the sorting and counting, to where are the results first transmitted for consolidation?

a. Polling centre (several polling stations in same building)

b. Sub-district level

c. District level

d. Regional level (specify whether it is constituency/ province/ state/ department/other)

e. National level

comments: Subdistrict and district level if applicable according to electoral districting. If the electoral district is the province then the voting center would be followed by the province and then the national level.

VC07. At what levels are seats allocated?

b. District level


VC08. How are the initial/preliminary polling results transmitted and communicated to the different levels?

a. Physically transported


VC09. If the polling results are physically transported, what is transported?

f. Certificate of result

g. Ballot boxes

h. Other

comments: The polling station president should put in an envelope, the cross list signed by the voters and the voting papers considered void and their envelopes, with the report of the above mentioned operations and the candidates' vote-count sheet. These documents are the only documents adopted by the registration committees or any other authority.

VC10. If the polling results are physically transported, what security measures are used?

b. Tamper proof bags

c. Signatures on sealed envelopes

d. Transported in boxes sealed with numbered seals

e. Accompanied by election officials

g. Accompanied by military personnel

h. Accompanied by police or other security personnel

i. Accompanied by observers


VC11. Under what conditions are ballots recounted?

a. Never recounted

comments: The papers and envelopes will all be burnt except the ones that should be attached to the report.

VC12. If automatically recounted, what is the trigger?

e. Not applicable


VC13. If ballots are recounted by request, who can make the request?

g. Not applicable

comments: The constitutional court can make the request for reviewing the results.

VC14. If recounted, who conducts the recount?

j. Not applicable

comments: The constitutional court reviews the reports and the counting procedures and listens to observers testimonies.

VC15. Are preliminary results announced?

a. Yes


VC16. If preliminary results are announced, how long after the close of polls is this done?

hours:: Few hours



Not applicable:

comments: Directly announced.

VC17. Is there a legal requirement for the declaration of the officially certified results?

b. No


VC18. How long after the close of polls is the certified results publicly announced? (if there is no legal requirement enter the average time)

a. hours:

comments: 24 hours by common practice.

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