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Electoral Management in Lebanon

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EM01. Please provide the following contact information for the national electoral management body:

Name of Institution: Ministry of Interior

Full Address: Ministry of Interior, Lebanon Bank Street, Sanayeh, Beirut, Lebanon.

Telephone: (00)-961-1-751601/2/3/4/5/6



Website Address:

Name and Title of Chairperson/President: Mr Elias El Murr.

Information Officer:

Official language of the electoral law governing national elections: Arabic


EM02. Does this national electoral body have the responsibility for elections at:

a. National level

c. Local level


EM03. The national electoral management body reports to:

c. The legislature

comments: To the President of the Parliament in the case of parliamentary elections and to the Minister of Local and Municipal Affairs in the case of municipal elections.

EM04. The budget of the national electoral management body is determined by:

c. The legislature

comments: The Council of Ministers prepares a draft of the budget that the legislative power has to approve.

EM05. The expenditures of the national electoral management body are controlled by:

c. The legislature


EM06. The term of the members of the national electoral management body is:

c. For an unspecified period

comments: The Minister of Interior is appointed. He/she is member of the government, so the term is the same as his/her membership in the government and he/she is assigned the mission of the head of national electoral management body.

EM07. The national electoral management body chairperson, or equivalent, is chosen in the following way:

d. Presidential/ Prime Minister appointment

comments: With the approval of the parliament.

EM08. According to official sources, what was the estimated overall cost (in US dollars if available) of the most recent national elections?
EM09. What was the total number of registered voters or, where there was no voter roll, the estimated number of eligible voters?

Total number:: 2.400.000


EM10. What was the spending (in USD) per registered voter (NOT actual voters) or, where there was no voter roll, the estimated number of eligible voters at the last general elections?

USD/registered voter:

Exchange rate used:

comments: it is not possible to know the total spending

EM11. What are the approximate proportions (%) of total election expenditure for the last national elections devoted to the following?

Voter registration and preparation of voter lists:

Election Management Body administration:



Official funding of parties and candidates:

Voter education:

Materials/systems for and operation of voting stations and ballot counts:

Challenges, dispute resolution and legal costs:

Polling operations:

Vote tabulation:



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