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Voter Registration in Lebanon

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VR01. What is the legal voting age in the national elections?

age (years old): 21

comments: There have been some campaigns for lowering the voting age.

VR02. Beyond age, what other qualifications exist for registering to vote and voting in the national elections?

a. Citizenship

d. Naturalization

e. Other

comments: The voter should be present in Lebanon and a resident of the electoral district.

VR03. What restrictions on registering to vote and voting exist in the country?

a. Criminal Incarceration

b. Previous Conviction

c. Detention

d. Mental disability

e. Military Service

h. Other

comments: Bankruptcy or insolvency, offences against the electoral law.

VR04. Which is the authority responsible for the registration of voters for national elections?

a. Central Government Department (specify)

comments: One or more of the registration or high registration committees in each district under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior.

VR05. What is the registration method for national elections?

b. Voters register

comments: No registration required, but voters need to be listed on the voters register and get a voting card.

VR06. How frequently is the voters register updated?

b. Annually

comments: Every 5th of December with changes being made within the next three months.

VR07. What methods are used to compile and update the voters register?

a. Links to national population records

j. Other

comments: Links to the heads of the departments and the employees in the personal status, to the department of the judicial record of each province submit and to the judicial courts.

VR08. Is it compulsory to be on the voters register?

a. Yes

comments: All eligible voters who are listed on the voters list can vote.

VR09. Approximately what percentage (on the basis of cost) of registration supplies and equipment are obtained or produced within the country?

Percentage: 90%

comments: Preparing the voters list and issuing the voters cards are produced within the country.

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